Anuttara Yoga Shala
620 S.E. 10th Street
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
954-322-YOGA Map/Directions

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Anuttara Yoga Shala wins "Best Yoga Studio in 2012 in the Broward and Palm Beach Best Of issue from NewTimes"
ANUTTARA YOGA means The Supreme Yoga, the negation of the comparative. Based on Shaivist Advaita principles to achieve "Yoga" or "Union" with Self.

Anuttara Yoga Shala is a School of Yoga with the most diverse and varied menu of authentic yoga all as Anuttara Yoga.  From very traditional to edgy you will find it all here!
Anuttara Yoga is a specific style of yoga that depends on the intellectual foundation of Maharishi Patanjali's Ashtanga, the physical practices as  described  by Yogiraj  Krishnamacharya and Yogiraj Bishnu Goshe and the spiritual path to Self Realization as promulgated by Lahiri Mahasaya Baba, Sri Swami Sri Yukteswar and Sri Swamiji Paramahansa Yogananda.
Anuttara Yoga can be practiced in a variety of ways:
Anuttara Hot Hatha Yoga where the room is heated to over 95*F.  We move the body into a Pose, Counter pose and Repose representing the three qualities of Nature so as to safely access the body and all systems. We do a set of sequences and "Echo" with variation, or "Visarga" in the subsequent sequence. All levels.
Anuttara Gentle Yoga is similar to the above but more gentle and beginner friendly. This is  practiced in a non-heated room. To maintain body heat, we gently flow from one sequence to the next. All levels.
Anuttara Restorative Yoga uses bolsters, blocks, pillows and other props to guide the body- mind into a deeply restful and restorative state while easing out physical and mental stress. Unheated. 
 All levels.
Anuttara Core and Fitness Flow. As the name implies, we focus on core strength and slowly radiate out to the limbs, energizing the whole body. The final phase is deeply restorative and relaxing. Unheated. All levels.
Anuttara Yoga Barre. Unique, fun and very challenging. We use the Ballet Barre to hold and explore Asana, especially balancing sequences. Unheated. All levels.
Anuttara Yin Yoga.  From the Taoist tradition of yoga, Yin Yoga accesses connective tissue and joints in a soft yet sometimes challenging way. This is done in an unheated room so that the fascia can be felt and accessed before the muscle warms up. Essential for joint and connective tissue health.  All levels.
Anuttara Raja Yoga.  Completely unique to Anuttara. This form of practice is tranquilizing to the mind and yet will energize the body and soothe the soul. Always practiced in our Hot Grand Tapas Hall, we use the Yoga Sutra through body and mind to access the Higher Self.   Serious hip openers and connective tissue access with plenty of visualization and philosophy. We forsake all muscle tension and melt into Gravity. Come early as space is limited. Hot. All levels.
Anuttara Hot Vinyasa Krama.  We use the guideline of the Sapta Krama, the Seven Sequences to achieve a very energized and transcendant state.  Challenging and powerful. Some Vinyasa experience is essential. Hot. All levels.
Anuttara Hot Vinyasa.  Movement, Breathe, Music and Sweat. Hot. Intermediate-Advanced.
Anuttara Ashtanga Vinyasa. Same as above, but no heat, no mirrors. Intermediate-Advanced.
Anuttara Dhyana Krama - Morning Meditative Flow.  Warm with deep meditation, soft music punctuated with optional Sun Salutation sequences. Best way to start the day! All levels.
Anuttara Sacred Music Flow.  Minimum instruction, Music, Candlelight and Magic. Hot. Intermediate-Advanced.

Our facility is almost 8,000 square feet and both yoga rooms are approximately 1,600 square feet each, the largest Yoga School in South Florida. Become part of the community and look for new exciting classes, workshops and lectures to be held here and a large selection of daily yoga classes to accommodate anyone's busy schedule.

Here at our Shala (school) you will delve not only into the techniques of the physical postures, but also into the historical and philosophical substrate of Yoga.   Our style is Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga where we teach the basis of the Eight Limbs of Yoga Ashtanga.

Every pose releases certain energies.  We detail the correct alignment and seal the energy released with Mudra (seal).  Our method is a flow set to traditional Yoga music in an incredible space that will transport you to another place and time!

Come for the Workout.......Bring a beach towel because you will sweat!
Come for the Work-In.......De-stress and find joy!.
Come for the Work-Through.......Achieve Spiritual union and community!

  • All are welcome, from beginners to the advanced practitioner.
  • We have classes all day, everyday to accommodate everyone's schedule.
  • We have different classes according to student levels.
  • Each class is 90 minutes with additional time for meditation and recovery. 
  • Shower and restroom facilities are available for your use.
  • All our classes are taught in the unique Anuttara Yoga method where emphasis is not only Asana (posture or "seat"), but also Bhava (mood or intention), Pranayama (breathe control or Life Force extension), Mudra (energy seal), Mantra (vibrational traversing) and Darshana (philosophy).