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Anuttara Yoga Shala is a School of Yoga with the most diverse and varied menu of authentic yoga all as Anuttara Yoga, the Supreme Yoga. From very traditional to edgy you will find it all here!
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Cliff Barre

Yoga Teacher E-RYT 200
Cliff Barre

Always obsessed with eastern philosophy, Japanese and Indian cultures since I can remember, by age 13 my nightstand was for balancing piles of books on metaphysics and Buddhism almost exclusively. Other dimensions and realms of consciousness were always an undeniable reality, but I was allergic to anything too mystical, I always had a pragmatic view and I still do. So reluctantly I started practicing energy healing when I was 18 and a couple of years later a gifted teacher told me yoga was going to be my thing, and that I should look for Swamiji Paramahansa Yogananda for that was my lineage. He showed me his picture and all and I never forget a face. But I didn’t pursue it on a conscious level for 10 years.

Until one day I said to myself “Ok enough is enough, it’s gonna be good for me, let’s start doing yoga”. So I picked a random yoga place that happened to be Anuttara. I stepped into one of Philip’s yoga barre classes in the middle of it. Very timidly I asked if it’d be ok to just watch the rest of the class against the back wall and he said “Sure sit down”. When I made my butt comfortable on the ground I raised my face and my eyes met the big mirror on the front wall across the room, and I realized I was sitting under a giant picture of Guruji Paramahansa Yogananda.

Of course I’ve never left and became a RYT200 under Philip Christodoulou’s tutelage and a cascade of synchronicity that keeps flowing upstream. I can’t wait to do yoga with you, I count the time between classes, when can we do yoga again? Come!

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