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Anuttara Yoga Shala is a School of Yoga with the most diverse and varied menu of authentic yoga all as Anuttara Yoga, the Supreme Yoga. From very traditional to edgy you will find it all here!
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Samantha Wines

Yoga Teacher
Samantha Wines

Samantha has been practicing yoga for over 5 years.  Having lived overseas in India for almost 3 years, she is deeply connected to Eastern philosophy and culture.  She graduated from Anuttara Hatha Training in September of 2014 and moved on to graduate Anuttara Raja Training May 2015.  She has a profound appreciation for the Shala and Philip Christodoulou, who has provided her the guidance to become a teacher.
Samantha has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a specialization in Marketing and works in a fast-paced recruiting industry in addition to teaching.  Yoga provides her balance and reprieve from the high intensity and stress of work, and Samantha wants to give that same balance to her students.  Yoga is about detaching, stepping onto the mat and into yourself.  Her yoga practice reflects her passion to help her students become empowered both physically and mentally.

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