Anuttara Yoga Shala
620 S.E. 10th Street
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
954-322-YOGA Map/Directions


Description Of Classes:

Anuttara Hot Hatha Yoga- where the room is heated to over 95*F.  We move the body into a Pose, Counter pose and Repose representing the three qualities of Nature so as to safely access the body and all systems. We do a set of sequences and "Echo" with variation, or "Visarga" in the subsequent sequence. All levels.

Anuttara Raja Yoga- Completely unique to Anuttara. This form of practice is tranquilizing to the mind and yet will energize the body and soothe the soul. Always practiced in our Hot Grand Tapas Hall, we use the Yoga Sutra through body and mind to access the Higher Self.   Serious hip openers and connective tissue access with plenty of visualization and philosophy. We forsake all muscle tension and melt into Gravity. Come early as space is limited. Hot. All levels.
Anuttara Dhyana Krama - Morning Meditative Flow.  Warm with deep meditation, soft music and punctuated with optional Sun Salutation sequences and floor postures. Best way to start the day! All levels.

Anuttara Vinyasa -Teacher leads class with minimal instruction, Music, Candlelight and Magic.  Gently Heated to 92*. All levels and intermediate.

Anuttara Vinyasa Krama- “Intermediate-Advanced” No instruction. No Beginners PLEASE. Intense deep House and World music.  “Intermediate.

Anuttara Warm & Gentle Hatha Yoga-  An all levels Hatha yoga class, perfect for everyone. Not too hard, not too hot. Just right!

Anuttara Vinyasa Krama- “Intermediate”  Some vinyasa experience is essential. The music is loud and the flow is challenging. There is instruction as to alignment and philosophy. Bring BEACH towels.