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Unheated Classes

Description of Classes

We offer the following Un-heated Classes in our 
Kula Room : 

Description of Classes: 

Anuttara Gentle Yoga- is gentle and beginner friendly.  This is practiced in a non-heated room.  To maintain body heat, we gently flow from one sequence to the next. All levels.

Anuttara Restorative Yoga uses bolsters, blocks, pillows and other props to guide the body- mind into a deeply restful and restorative state while easing out physical and mental stress. Unheated. 
 All levels.

Anuttara Core and Fitness Flow. As the name implies, we focus on core strength and slowly radiate out to the limbs, energizing the whole body. The final phase is deeply restorative and relaxing. Unheated. All levels.

Anuttara Yoga Barre. Unique, fun and very challenging. We use the Ballet Barre to hold and explore Asana, especially balancing sequences. Unheated. All levels.
Anuttara Yin Yoga.  From the Taoist tradition of yoga, Yin Yoga accesses connective tissue and joints in a soft yet sometimes challenging way. This is done in an unheated room so that the fascia can be felt and accessed before the muscle warms up. Essential for joint and connective tissue health.  All levels.

Anuttara Ashtanga Vinyasa. Same as above, but no heat, no mirrors. Intermediate-Advanced.

The Kula Room is not heated