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Anuttara Yoga Shala is a School of Yoga with the most diverse and varied menu of authentic yoga all as Anuttara Yoga, the Supreme Yoga. From very traditional to edgy you will find it all here!
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Unheated Yoga

Anuttara Yoga Shala Maha Kula Room

Our Maha Kula Room offers a wide variety of classes, from traditional Anuttara Yoga styles to innovative fitness-infused classes and back-to-basics instruction. This unheated room is kept at a comfortable 85*F and offers the option of practicing beneath the healing aura of infrared lights.

Power Vinyasa

A practice focused on building strength and toning the entire body, with emphasis on upper-body power and control.

Hatha Flow

Learn how to practice with integrity and proper alignment the stock poses of Hatha Yoga, with flowing transitions and detailed instruction. All levels. Everyone welcome.

Yoga Fit

This class combines Yoga, resistance training, core work, cardio and stretching, all in one! We begin with a gentle Vinyasa to safely prepare the body, then move to Tabata Resistance Training for increased strength and cardiovascular endurance, then end with some trunk stability and core exercises before gently stretching the muscles out.

Anuttara Restorative Yoga

A therapeutic style of yoga that uses bolsters, blankets and other props for support. The focus is on relaxation, renewal, effortlessness and ease. Poses are typically held for 5 to 10 minutes. This practice soothes your nervous system, quiets your mind and helps to release deeply held tension.

Core Yoga

As the name implies, we focus on core strength and slowly radiate out to the limbs, energizing the whole body. The final phase is deeply restorative and relaxing. All levels.

Yoga Barre

Unique, fun and very challenging. We begin with Anuttara Vinyasa flow, then use the Ballet Barre to hold and explore Asana, especially balancing sequences. Ending with restorative floor postures.

Vinyasa Basics

A simple Anuttara Vinyasa practice focused on connecting the breath with movement. Detailed instruction on transitions and poses. For all levels, especially those new to Vinyasa.

Anuttara Vinyasa

A vigorous form of Hatha Yoga that flows through the Sun Salutations. This dance-like practice is cardiovascular and graceful. We move the body into a Pose, Counterpose and Repose, representing the three qualities of Nature so as to safely access the body and all systems. We do a set of sequences and “Echo” (Visarga) in the subsequent sequence. All levels.

Familiarity with Hatha Yoga is strongly advised.

Yoga Basics and Alignment

Unlock the potential of your practice! This is a fun, joyous and informative back-to-basics yoga class. It includes detailed instruction, assists, modification and prop supports for the yoga poses that are experienced in almost every class. The goal is to focus on proper alignment, breathing techniques, yoga convention and culture — all aimed at guiding you into an advanced and transformational practice! Appropriate for all levels.

``Community Class``

“Kula” means “community” and this class is truly community-based. Taught by a rotation of Anuttara teacher training graduates and completely donations-based, it’s a yoga practice affordable for all.

Global Harmonies

The best of what we like in yoga from around the world!

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