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Anuttara Yoga’s heated rooms offer a warm and safe sanctuary where you will recover body, mind and spirit.

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Anuttara Yoga Shala is a Yoga Alliance 500-hour RYS. Our unique training programs will change your life!

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Anuttara Yoga Classes

Beginner or advanced, hot or not, physically challenging or meditatively restorative – Anuttara has what you are looking for!

Anuttara Vinyasa

Anuttara Vinyasa. A strong and cardiovascular form of Hatha Yoga based on logical and progressive sequencing through the vinculum of the Sun Salutations. The room is warm in the morning and hotter in the evenings. Not appropriate for beginners.

Anuttara Raja Yoga

Anuttara Raja Yoga. The physical practice of Classical Yoga. Unique to Anuttara, this style will leave the student extremely relaxed and pain free. It focuses on slow, muscularly disengaged movement to access connective tissue through the agency of the fundamental forces of nature. Practiced in a warm or hot room, it is perfect for beginners as well as advanced students.  Bring beach towels.

Anuttara Hatha-to-Raja Yoga

Anuttara Hatha-to-Raja Yoga.  Practiced in a hot room for safety, the class starts with traditional Hatha or Muscularly Forceful Yoga and ends in the passive disengagement of Raja Yoga. The best of both in one class. All levels.