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Anuttara Yoga in Delray Beach is a warm and safe sanctuary to recover body, mind and spirit. The rooms are kept at a heated temperature of 93-95*F. This allows for deeper access of the poses and a cleansing detoxification of the body. Our extensive heated schedule includes classes at all times of the day for all levels of practice, from beginner to advanced.

Morning Meditative Flow

Dhyana Krama, or meditative flow. A very fluid sequence with extensive seated meditations. Best way to start the day! All levels.

Anuttara Meditation Flow

A deep approach to yoga emphasizing the inner principles of movement and alignment, breath, mindfulness and philosophy throughout practice. We will practice taking yoga to its deepest form of expression in each asana through alignment and mindful movement. Practicing in this way invites a deep grace that becomes meditation in motion. Although this is an all levels class, advanced practitioners will also benefit from these inner workings of practice.

Hatha Flow

Learn how to practice with integrity and proper alignment the stock poses of Hatha Yoga, with flowing transitions and detailed instruction. All levels. Everyone welcome.

Anuttara Raja Yoga

A style of yoga unique to Anuttara Yoga Schools. It encompasses a gravitational surrender in yoga poses that interpret the Yoga Sutras. We follow the prescriptions and dictates of our Guru lineage of Self-Realization. Anuttara Raja Yoga hypothesizes that the plastic tissues, primarily fascia, are the vast extensions of mind through the neuromyofascial sheaths that correspond to the meridians and the nadis (energetic channels). In Hatha Yoga we engage muscle in order to counteract gravity, whereas in Raja Yoga we disengage muscle and surrender to gravity completely. All levels. Everyone welcome.

Please note, the evening and weekend Raja classes may extend beyond 90 minutes, as they are our master classes. Enjoy!

Hatha to Anuttara Raja Yoga

This class begins with Hatha, the yoga of engagement, then gently transforms into Anuttara Raja, the yoga of disengagement. You will leave feeling energized and completely de-stressed. Suitable for all levels.

Anuttara Vinyasa

A vigorous form of Hatha Yoga that flows through the Sun Salutations. This dance-like practice is cardiovascular and graceful. We move the body into a Pose, Counterpose and Repose, representing the three qualities of Nature so as to safely access the body and all systems. We do a set of sequences and “Echo” (Visarga) in the subsequent sequence. All levels.

Familiarity with Hatha Yoga is strongly advised.

Advanced Anuttara Vinyasa

Anuttara Sapta Krama (seven sequences). This is an advanced practice for those who are well-versed in Anuttara Vinyasa and basic Anuttara alignment principles. There is no instruction. Traction mat and/or BEACH towel mandatory. Physical fitness and prior experience in Anuttara Vinyasa classes a must.

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Heated Schedule

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