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So what is Raja Yoga? by Yogacharya

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So what is Raja Yoga? by Yogacharya

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By the Middle Ages, Raja Yoga was lost due to “differences of opinion as to what it was” declares Swami Swatmarama in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, In that text, the Swami affirms that “Hatha Yoga is like a staircase that leads to Raja Yoga.”

So what is Raja Yoga? Well, there are still strongly held differences of opinion. In and of itself, “Raja Yoga” means meditation. Our reply is this; How can one meditate when the body is stiff and sore and the mind is anxious and turbulent? That is where Anuttara Raja Yoga comes into play.

It is now generally accepted that Raja Yoga, a retronym describing the teachings of the Patanjala Yoga Sutra and the Kriya Yoga of Lord Krishna and our Guru Lineage of Kriya Yoga are all one and the same.

While all these revered texts are freely available, few have managed to express these teachings through the physical practice of Yoga. Vague expressions do linger on in the Taoist traditions and some Tibetan Yogic practices. Perhaps a clearer picture emerges through the Kashmir Shaivist traditions of Anuttara Yoga, the Supreme Yoga.

Anuttara Raja Yoga is our interpretation, through modern anatomy, of all these various remnants of Raja Yoga and Kriya Yoga.

We have found a remarkable confluence between Raja Yoga philosophy and modern anatomy. Many times, what is described in Sanskrit for philosophy, the Greek and Latin use the exact same words to describe the anatomy. We place a very high value on the philology of these classical languages to help paint a clearer picture as to the Science.

Anuttara Raja Yoga is predicated on the Matrix of the Four Fundamental Forces of Nature and how these forces interact psychologically and physiologically through the Mind and its extension through the neuromyofascial network of the body.

The physical practice itself has become very popular locally, with an ever expanding following of dedicated practitioners who find welcome physical and emotional release through their practice. We emphasize how the physical and psychological realms of consciousness interact as sensory input and emotional output and we design various flows stemming from that basic premise.

While we ascribe to no particular religion, as per Mahavatar Babaji’s teachings, we make constant reference to the sacred texts of all major traditions and we emphasize how similar their teachings are to the essence of Yoga as the Holy Science.

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