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Yogacarya Observations

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Yogacarya Observations

Commercial or “pop yoga” focuses more on the stretching and physical aspect of Yoga. There may be occasional “new age” affirmations to bolster the practitioner’s sense of self worth. All this is good and wonderful but devoid of any spiritual nutrition. Authentic Yoga on the other hand emphasizes the Eight-Limbed Path of Ashtanga as laid out in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, among other ancient texts. Properly done, each limb is observed, studied and understood in its original Sanskrit and not glossed over for expediency or dumbing down. This path informs what you eat, what you do, what you think, how to breathe and how to relate to your highest self and to others. It establishes a covenant with one’s highest self in order to fulfill one’s commitments as opposed to one’s attachments and stories. The only thing one stretches is the mind and the possibilities that avail themselves once the mind quiets down. There is powerful engagement and subsequent profound release and letting go. With this in mind, Anuttara Yoga developed its unique Meditative Flows, its Anuttara Vinyasa, Hatha-to-Raja and our very own Anuttara Raja Yoga. The success and effectiveness of these styles is reflected in the ever-growing attendance of our classes, no matter what time they are held. Few things are more gratifying than watching how initial strangers in a room learn to trust and love each other deeply as all the facades and masks dissolve through the practice of the Sacred Science.
Yogacarya Observations.